How can I organize and order transportation?

Order and organize transportation by phone +385 91 2046621, e-mail or using this website

Where do you provide the transport service?

We are stationed in city of Rijeka, but by agreement with our clients, we organize transportation as needed throughout Croatia.

What is included in the price of transportation?

The price includes all costs of vehicles, tolls and drivers. The price includes VAT as well. Driver accommodation (if required), ferry costs and vehicle parking costs are not included in the price.

How can we pay for transportation?

You can pay for the transport directly on the spot (we issue the invoice via POS devices) or via a previously submitted offer.

Are we insured as part of the transport service?

All passengers using our transport are covered by basic insurance. We do recommend that you also have your own travel insurance for the entire trip.

Can we do breaks during the trip?

Yes, feel free to arrange breaks with the driver during the trip if you want to stop.

Is smoking allowed in the van?

Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes are not allowed in the van. You can arrange a break with the driver whenever necessary.

Do you offer child seats?

Yes, we provide child seats. The seats in our vehicles (second and third row) are equipped with the “IsoFix” system, so you can also use your own seats.

Is it possible to bring a pet?

Yes, if you provide the pet travel box. We transport pets in the trunk of the vehicle unless otherwise agreed in advance.

Is it possible to organize a permanent service?

Of course it is possible to provide a permanent service. We also approve additional discounts for our regular customers.

Do you charge extra for waiting?

Additionally, we do not charge for shorter waits or breaks during the trip.

Are there any hidden costs or additional charges?

We do have fixed prices with no hidden costs or extra charges.

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